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Heian-jingu Shrine

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  • Heian-jingu Shrine

  • Heian-jingu Shrine
    • Heian-jingu Shrine is a relatively recent addition to Kyoto's collection of sacred places, but is still a very impressive shrine which features elegant, richly-colored buildings surrounded by large gardens in the four cardinal directions.
    • There is plottage as about 66,000 square meters including the "Heian Jingu Shin'en" which is the Japanese garden of about 33,000 square meters.
    • Emperor Kammu who opened Heiankyo, and the Emperor Komei who is the Emperor of the Edo period last stage are deified by the enshrined deity.
    • he buildings are smaller-scale replicas of buildings in the first imperial palace, which is built in 794.

The cherry tree of Heian-jingu.

    The cherry tree of Heian-jingu.

  • The strolling garden around the pond is a Place of Scenic Beauty. It is called "Shinen" garden, which is especially lovely during the cherry blossom season.
  • The large yard spreads out in the inner part of the precincts of a temple in Heian Jingu, and especially the "red weeping cherry tree" with a deep color is famous for the brightness.
  • That in which "red weeping cherry tree" was planted about by 150 on the occasion of the Heian Jingu foundation in Meiji 28 is almost the case.
  • On the whole, there are about 300 cherry trees.

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    Access to Heian-jingu

  • [Address]
  •     97 Nishi Ten-no-cho, Okazaki Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City
  • [Access]
  •     10-minute walk from Higashi-yama Station on the Tozai Subway Line
  •     15-minute walk from Sanjo Station on the Keihan Railway

  • [The link to a website]
  •     The website of "Heian-jingu"

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