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Hirano-jinja Shrine

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  • Hirano-jinja Shrine

  • Hirano-jinja Shrine
    • Hirano Jinja was located from the first in Heijokyo in Nara. When the capital was transfered to Kyoto from Nara in 794, it was moved to this place.
    • The present company is called Hirano-dukuri by the erection of Kanei era every year, and a main shrine is an important cultural property.
    • It is a formal noted company on a par with the Ise-jingu Shrine, Matsuo Taisha Shrine, etc.

The cherry tree of Hirano-jinja.

    The cherry tree of Hirano-jinja.

  • Hirano Jinja is the famous place of the cherry tree called "the plum of Kitano, and cherry tree of a plain", and no less than 500 cherry trees are planted in the small precincts of a temple. There is a crest of a cherry tree also in a paper lantern.
  • There are many rare varieties and there are about 50 sorts and 400 cherry trees, such as a typical name cherry tree "Sakigake", "Nezame", "Taoyame",etc. of Hirano Jinja, in a garden.
  • The kind of early bloom begins to bloom in mid-March, there is a kind which will bloom in April at 20 every day, and, as for a late thing, about one month can enjoy a flower.

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    Access to Hirano-jinja

  • [Address]
  •     1, Hirano-miyamoto-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto-city
  • [Access]
  •     City bus: 1-minuts walk from Bus stop Kinugasakou-mae.
  •     Keifuku Rlwy: 8-minuts walk from Kitanohakubai-cho Station.

  • [The link to a website]
  •     The website of "Hirano-jinja"

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