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Koriyama-jo Castle

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  • Koriyama-jo Castle

  • Koriyama-jo Castle
    • The Yamato Koriyama-jo castle was built by the Junkei Tsutsui which was a local military leader in 1580.
    • In early stages of the inside of the Toyotomi Administration, it became the castle where a feudal lord usually resides of Hideyoshi's real younger brother Hidenaga Hashiba.

The cherry tree of Koriyama-jo-ji.

    The Cherry tree of Koriyama-jo Castle.

  • Although the Somei Yoshino is mainly planted in the inside of a castle, it is supposed that it began that the cherry tree was planted from the time of Hidenaga.
  • Now, it is said that the cherry tree it is supposed that there are about 3000 is chosen as "cherry tree best 100 of Japan", and 50,000 persons visit this every year.
  • When calling it the cherry tree of the night of the Yamato-Koriyama castle, from the Meiji time, it was presupposed that it started and it was a bonfire at first. Bonbori(lamp) of an electric light is now lighted.
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    Access to Koriyama-jo Castle

  • [Address]
  •     Jonai-cho, Yamatokoriyama City, Nara Pref.
  • [Access]
  •     Kintetsu kashihara line: 15-minutes walk from Koriyama Station.

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