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Yakushi-ji Temple

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  • Yakushi-ji Temple(World cultural heritage)

  • Yakushi-ji Temple
    • Yakushi-ji is a temple which carries out the whereabouts to Nishinokyo-cho, Nara-city, Nara-pref. and is the head temple of the Hosso Sect of Buddhism in Kofuku-ji.
    • It is counted by one of the seven great Nara-period metropolitan monasteries, and the principal image is Yakushi Nyorai and the founder is Emperor Tenmu.

wisteria trellis of Yakushi-ji.

    Yakushi-ji Temple.

  • The photograph left is the "main hall of a Buddhist temple." It was rebuilt in 1976.
  • Inside the Main Hall are the Buddhist statues of “Yakushi Nyorai”, a divine protector against illness, and his two side-attendants.
  • These three Buddhist statues, which are collectively referred to as the “Yakushi Sanzon”, are 2.6m high, made of bronze, and are among the finest examples of Buddhist art in Japan.
  • The tower of east and west, an auditorium, and a corridor are centering on the main hall of a Buddhist temple.

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    Access to Yakushi-ji Temple

  • [Address]
  •     457, Nishinokyo-cho, Nara-city, Nara Prefecture
  • [Access]
  •     Kintetu Railway : 1 minute's walk from Kintetsu Nishinokyo Station
  • [The link to a website]
  •     The website of "Yakushi-ji Temple" (japanese)

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