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Himeji castle

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  • Himeji castle

  • Himeji castle
    • Himeji Castle is located on the north side of Himeji city, has been referred to as the alias "Shirasagijo" from the fact that large tower shining white looks like stand dance white heron.
    • A national treasure, an important cultural property, and ruins of a castle are specified to be the special historic relics of a country, and are registered also into the world cultural heritage.
    • Major donjon preservation repair of Heisei is finished and the whiteness of a mortar wall is conspicuous.

The cherry tree of Himeji castle.

    The Cherry tree of Himeji castle

  • World cultural heritage, national treasure Himeji Castle of cherry blossoms, the country has been selected in the "100 best attractions of Sakura", is no less vivid to became beautiful white wall.
  • Himeji castle to have been planted about 1000 of Yoshino cherry tree, but also watching spot such as weeping cherry of cherry trees and Nishinomaru garden of Sannomaru Square was against the background of the castle.

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The map of Himeji Castle

    Access to Himeji castle

  • [Address]
  •     68 Honmachi Himeji city the north side of Sannomaru Square in Himeji Castle , Hyogo Pref.
  • [Access]
  •     JR Sanyo line : 25-minutes walk from the Himeji station.
  •     Sanyo Railway: 25-minutes walk from the Himejii station.
  • [The link to a website]
  •     The website of "Himeji castle"(japanese)

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